Depending on when you’re reading this, I am probably gisting with FK, cuddling Baby Ari to sleep, reading literature or somewhere writing something!

A lot has happened since I last updated this page, see the previous post here. I am enjoying every bit of my Masters’ program at the world’s best University of Agriculture (well, 3rd on global ranking) where I will soon be awarded a degree in Environmental Communication and Management. I admit, it is so beautiful to dedicate this phase of my life to learning two things that I am curious about – Environment and Communication. It’s been worth the while and the huge investment. Grateful for the journey so far and to be back in the classroom, aligning my numerous field experiences with scientific perspectives.

I miss listening to the radio, most of what I hear these days are Swedish presenters interrupting beautiful English songs. Well, in the near future I will pitch a radio program and hope it airs soon. I’ll be honest, it is no longer a walk in the park balancing all my professional engagements: Environment, Youth Engagement, International Development, and Media. Lately, my digital footprint has gotten fewer and I am not complaining. Good thing is FK and Eyi get to see more of my footprints and handprints. As busy as it gets, I still find the time to do things I love, like reading books, listening to the radio or podcasts – I have been running actively (even wrote a book about it) and in the last one year, I have seen more movies than I had seen all my life put together

I am looking out for new country or folk artists, you are welcome to put forward some recommendations.

With high hopes that you are doing okay!

From Uppsala, Sweden – updated September 2022


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