Here I reflect on some of the things I have been doing lately.


First, I must thank you for being interested in what I am doing at this phase of my life. It gives me so much joy to document my journey and share it with people – especially young folks with the hope that it can be an inspiration to folks that are discouraged, a map to those confused or a torch to those lost.



Isn’t that the essence of living? Learning! I have remained open to learning about a lot of things with the hope that all these shapes me to be a better person and position me to be more efficient and effective in my different capacities. I am learning to be a better husband to my dear wife – FK, a better Dad to her royal highness, a better son to my (four) parents, an embodiment of my spiritual convictions, a student of relevant academic and social concepts and a benign species on this fragile planet.



A few months ago, I started to collate the stories of different people about some random acts of kindness that they have experienced at various points of their lives. This was inspired by an unexpected kind act that I received from a stranger at some point last year and ever since I have wondered about how many more people have stories of kindness that they would love to share with the world. This book writing has been coming up well and I am grateful to my team and their dedication to this project. This would be my 6th published book and the plan is to make it public by September. I am excited! If you have stories of kindness you want to share, please feel welcome to email 



After a hiatus, I am so excited that the Climate Talk Podcast is back! In the many months that my team and I were unable to produce new episodes of the podcast, I did not stop having interviews with people about their thoughts on climate change and climate action. The reality of our changing climate and the possibility that we can make a difference remains at the centre of my heart and this is the core reason behind my dedication to the Climate Talk Podcast. You can listen to previous episodes on the Climate Talk Podcast website, it is also available on over 20 podcast platforms – including Google Podcast, iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music, etc. Happy to take in new guests and sponsors. or is the best way to get in touch.



What a privilege it has been for me! Since August 2022, I have had the opportunity to study Environment Communication and Management at the world’s 3rd best university of Agriculture, the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU). Why do I think of this as a privilege? Environment and Communication are two core interests of mine that have reflected in my academic, career and recreational trajectory, it can only be a privilege to explore this field further, and in the process meet amazing professionals, make new friends, make some decent earning and get a certificate. I feel indeed privileged!



More like staying active! Well, to be more specific outdoor running is what I spend most of my free time doing – as much as the weather permits. 10KM which used to be a long run is now a regular workout and I have lost count of the many half marathons I have done. I have surprised myself. If you are curious to know more about why I am running, I wrote and published a book about that already. You can get a copy under the book section. Apart from running, I have also been spending a lot of time cycling, though not recreational, it is one activity that is becoming more like a way of life than a leisure sport. My Google Maps indicated that I spent 57 hours cycling in the month of April 2023 alone!



From recently joining the Worldwide Environmental Communication Alumn* Network (WECAN) as a Board member to my continued role as a Technical Member of Talking Trade, to hosting a Foreign Affairs show on Student Radio 98.3, to supporting a number of Environmental, Policy and Communication Projects… and when I am doing nothing, I am playing Sudoku, thumbing through Twitter or reacting to LinkedIn posts.

With love and assurance that all will be well!

From Uppsala, Sweden – updated May 2023