Appreciating bridges unburnt.

About Bridges: appreciating the bridges unburnt.

How fast life goes and so quickly we leave behind the memories that brought us to where we are today. Unfortunately, we leave in that same past the many useful connections we made with wonderful folks who helped us along the way.

We cannot stay in touch with everybody from our past, understanding that and making that delineation is wisdom. However, we may agree that there are many people that played significant roles at different stages of our developmental but we have cut off our connection with them – not deliberately though.

I understand that these things happen and it is for no personal reasons other than how life is unfolding, but it doesn’t hurt to take a momentary pause and appreciate the bridges unburnt. So, this week I am challenging myself (and I invite you to take on the same) to touch base with some of these faithful folks.

Perhaps, you will find useful this thematic group with which I have ideated to map out a mental list of those I am looking forward to reconnecting with, in the coming days.

Neighbours: From childhood, those who looked after me when my parents were away.

Classmates: Those folks that I lived in the same house with, played games together, shared our food with, shunted vehicle queues and made jest of innocent people.

Lecturers: At least, I am aiming to speak with 3 of my lecturers. One was the introductory lecturer who convinced me and other colleagues to dedicate 5 years of our lives to studying a course that only a few have found useful. The two others, my final-year project supervisors – who did not frustrate my academic life.

Mentors: Colleagues and mentors from my earlier days as a younger professional finding his foot in various career paths.

It doesn’t matter how many people… I hope inspires you to reach out to someone. Do not wait till you hear/read about the demise of a kind person from your past before asking yourself, why didn’t I ever attempt to reconnect? It is time to appreciate the bridges unburnt.

Have a great week!

Somewhere at peace with nature. Image credit: Kim Dashong 


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