Conversations (Abuja)

Be brave enough to start a conversation that matters. — Margaret Wheatley I have seen how impactful conversations can be. If you reflect on your journey deeply you might be able to remember that one conversation that opened you up to a new world of possibilities. For me, many of my milestones started from just … Read more

“I don’t care about climate change!”

“I don’t care about climate change!” Without stuttering TT said to me. A little wrinkle appeared on her forehead as she slapped her face gently, attempting to kill a mosquito that had just found a juicy spot on her greasy face. This was her true opinion, not something she said with pride. Yet I couldn’t … Read more

What do rural communities care about?

Not until residents of Misheli community (Nigeria) decided to communicate their priority, 2000+ residents lacked access to clean water for 26 months because no one – including the government saw the need to fix a broken water source (borehole). The government was fixated on non-pressing issues in the community. It took installing this signage on … Read more

About gifts this holiday and beyond.

Do with these reflections why you wish. Though derived from academic literature, it resonates with our current social (and maybe religious) constructs in many ways, especially during this holiday period. Why do we exchange gifts? It is not so much the redistribution of resources or exchange of goods but to create and maintain relationships. The … Read more