A Different Approach To Learning about the Forest

“I don’t want to bring kids into a world where they might need to kill others to have water, to breathe air, it is crazy!” Imagine the chill that this statement sent down my spine as I sat next to Sebastian Kirppu earlier this week to record this episode of the #ClimateTalkPodcast. Sebastian is a forest biologist, one … Read more

We must collectively question the validity of Carbon Offsets.

illustration of how carbon offset (supposedly) works

A few hours ago, TedX uploaded a clip titled The Controversial Solution to Climate Change (https://lnkd.in/dcJkSmwX), the speaker, a young man named Emiel Cockx spoke about how carbon offset is a facade – a big scam of the decade! and he pitched his innovative alternative as opposed to the tape rule approach of estimating carbon capture linked … Read more

A picture of the university walkway showing the Swedish flags

As an international student at the Swedish University of Agriculture (Uppsala campus) and a student ambassador, I am being presented with many questions associated with studying in Sweden. However, one recurring question, particularly from potential international students from outside of Europe is this: “Seyi, as a student, can one work while studying?” sometimes paraphrased more … Read more