The gift of Clarity.

About a year ago, I wrote about how most people in their 20s and 30s haven’t quite figured out what to do with their lives. Even today, I believe that is still the true case for many. Year in, year out, many people just keep trying this and trying that, with the hope that one day, somehow, the limelight will find them and they will find their footing from there onward.

Most people in their 20s and 30s haven’t quite figured out what to do with their lives.

In this context, I write about clarity as being clear about one’s future pursuits, being free from confusion or distractions and being able to sieve out all noises while staying focused and making decisions that build us to becoming a better person. The Psalmist understood that having clarity about the trajectory of one’s life at an early age is such a priceless gift and can save one from lots of struggles, that is why he prayed to be satisfied early, “that we may rejoice and be glad all our days!” (Psalm 90: 14)

With each passing day of this new year (soon to become just another year), one of the possibly many things that you need is the gift of clarity. It may not come easy, it could take hours of effort, loads of deliberateness, and sacrifices to find, develop and use it to the fullest. Once you do, consciously, subconsciously and unconsciously, you are geared towards that singular purpose. Few folks, from their early days, had the privilege of growing up in an environment that exposed them to people and resources available to leverage in gaining clarity and following through on their life trajectories.

Need I state the obvious that it helps to keep it in writing? Just like ideas, gaining clarity needs not come fully formed. It may come in bits and at the oddest of times, so writing down helps to put together the puzzle and make clearer the big picture, not only in your mind but before your eyes too. It also helps to hierarchically knock one thing off before another and is a constant reminder of where you are going and when to “recenter” your map. Remember, it is what you nourish thoughtfully that grows beautifully.

Admitting that social media is deeply integrated into our lives and lifestyles, it leaves so many loud noises in our heads that makes gaining clarity very difficult for many. We must find a quiet place to intermittently ask ourselves: how much time have I given to reflect on my strengths, consider my values, identify what comes naturally to me, map out resources at my disposal goals, and set priorities from small to great?

Share with others – if you want to put your plans out publicly to serve as a self-accountability mechanism and push, fine. If like me, you’d rather not, you may explore the option of discussing your plans with a few trusted and respected people who can remind you often, hold you to account, praise your successes and spur you on to keep going.

Courage! Courage! Courage! May you find the courage to arise, find clarity and follow through!

Before you approach me or other friends and loved ones to ask: where is my new year gift? (as we did ask in our younger days), you may want to give yourself the gift of clarity that will remain relevant to you in the years ahead.

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Here is to finding your path, gaining clarity and walking therein, cheers! Have a productive 2023.

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