We have to curate and propagate more positive environmental stories about Africa

In the face of gloomy narratives about the planet, I have always rooted for positive environmental stories and the need for such to be propagated. As I looked through “all the positive environmental stories from 2022” curated by Euronews and shared by Alina Mikulin; inspiring but left me concerned about a need to curate the many inspiring environmental … Read more

What I was up to (August 2022).

From Environment to Youth Engagement, Media to International Development, my interest spans a wide range and I am constantly learning about them – reading book, watching clips, listening to podcast and having meaning conversations, sometimes with strangers. If there is something interesting you’ll love to recommend, please feel very free to do that here. As I … Read more

Have a great day!

 After a few days of being lazy with my morning run, I set out to knock off a 5km run in 30 minutes, I hit the target and it was a very easy run (as I described on Strava). Against the usual, I wasn’t going to listen to any folk or country album during … Read more

Rethinking Nature’s Resources

 As we mark 22 years since the United Nations General Assembly officially adopted May 22 as the International Day of Biodiversity (IDB) in December 2000, it is about time we rethink biodiversity and what it means to us. Biodiversity Day is a reminder that we cannot exist all by ourselves. Despite all our technological … Read more

Environment, Health and Climate Change reporting, CJID Trains 20 Researchers and Journalists in Abuja

The participants, mostly Abuja-based journalists across different newsrooms, who were tutored by seasoned climate change and health experts, saw the training as an eye-opener to deep dive into the climate change and health issues plaguing humanity.

‘Seyifunmi Adebote, an environmentalist and participant opined that the training would set the pace to consequentially report the various health and climate change issues.