Brazil’s election, an opportunity for environmental revolution.

As Brazilians head to poll in a few days, many – including my Brazilian colleague Paloma Costa Oliveira, are hopeful that this election will be an opportunity for environmental revolution. This will only be possible only if Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva wins the election – if the result is accepted, and if he is eventually sworn in to lead the South American country.

Photo credit: Silvia Izquierdo

Jair Bolsonaro’s position on environmental issues will only leave a few people in the dark. Possibly so, if they look away from the figures over the last four years. Deforestation in the Amazon increased by more than 50%; repeated occurrences of forest fires in the region with questionable responses. Environmental crimes have ravaged in different sizes and shapes; reports of illegal occupation of land in protected areas and most of all the assassination of indigenous leaders protecting the environment.

It will require more than a magic wand to rebuild Brazil’s environmental image. Even more effort for the country currently classified as the sixth largest emitter of carbon dioxide. But first, let’s see whom 212 million Brazilians appoint to lead them.


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