What I was up to (August 2022).

From Environment to Youth Engagement, Media to International Development, my interest spans a wide range and I am constantly learning about them – reading book, watching clips, listening to podcast and having meaning conversations, sometimes with strangers. If there is something interesting you’ll love to recommend, please feel very free to do that here.

As I keep learning, I am eager to share these wide range of knowledge with others – people and organizations. The opportunity to collaborate with like-minds (mostly young people) invigorates me and forms a huge part of my everyday life.

Stop learning today. Starting dying tomorrow – that sounds scary but I hope it encourages you to learn something new every day.

When I’m not working:

I never get too busy for those who matter the most to me – Family! Regardless of what I am up to or where I am, it excites me to spend plenty of time with my loved ones and my loved one – FK. Equally important to me is my spirituality, every day, I devote time to build my faith in God and strengthen my personal values.

Regularly, I check out new episodes of podcasts by Nigerian podcasters – especially when on the road, travelling or commuting. I find it exciting that the podcasting community in Nigeria is growing and you can check out a few here.

On weekends, I am cycling alone on my ProMax 27 or hiking with some jolly fellows visiting places I may never see again, appreciating nature – hoping it stays therapeutic and enjoying Nigeria’s beautiful landscape. 

If you have an exciting playlist of Country Music, I will be glad to check them out. Alan Jackson’s Where Were You, Ralph McTell’s Street of London, Tim McGraw’s Humble and Kind, Simon & Garfunkel’s The Boxer, and The Highwaymen’s On the road again are the most played on my playlist right now.

With love and respect,

From Nigeria’s Federal Capital City, Abuja.

Last updated: August 2021

Thank you Damola Morenikeji for inspiring this page.

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